Oxshott Care

We are a locally run charity - run by volunteers who drive Oxshott residents to medical appointments

07950 478329 ( Mon am- Fri am only) please leave a message at other times.

'We are very fortunate to have many fantastic and very dedicated volunteers for Oxshott care, each one playing a vital part in helping our local residents'

Edward Pertwee, Chairman of Oxshott Care

What you need to know as a Volunteer

There is a lot of information in your volunteers’ welcome pack but, depending when you joined, there may have been changes so please check here from time to time.

Duty Officers will inform you if a client has a blue disabled badge for parking. We have arrangements for free parking at all hospitals for those clients who do not have one. Each hospital has its way of providing free parking, which you can view or download here.  At the AGM we shall make available a card with this information, which you can keep in your car.  If you are willing to drive to all hospitals you need four forms of accreditation:

1.      Your Oxshott Care badge or a document with the Oxshott Care logo. 

2.      A yellow Surrey parking card, renewable every five years, and available from Shona MacDuff-Duncan. 

3.      A disc for your windscreen for the Epsom & St. Helier group of hospitals, renewable yearly at or before the Oxshott Care AGM.  A form for renewing or applying may be downloaded here. 

4.      A record with Barry North of the registration number of the car(s) you will be using, needed for those hospitals that photograph cars on entry. 

Contributions from clients may be sent to the treasurer via the Oxshott Care box in the vestibule of the Oxshott Medical Centre.  There is a page with three forms you can download but a note on plain paper is also acceptable.  If you would like to claim expenses that may also be done via the Oxshott Care box.  There is a downloadable page of forms for that too. 

When there is a permanent or temporary change to your volunteering with us, please tell a Duty Officer in order to keep our files up to date.