Oxshott Care

We are a locally run charity - run by volunteers who drive Oxshott residents to medical appointments

07950 478329 ( Mon am- Fri am only) please leave a message at other times.

Oxshott Care privacy statement for volunteers


Oxshott Care stores, electronically and on paper, the personal data you have given us.  These records are safeguarded by appropriate data-handling procedures.  The data are available only to officers of the charity, committee members and duty officers.  We rely on you to tell Oxshott Care of any changes to your personal data.


Oxshott Care processes your data in furtherance of three Legitimate Interests (as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation).  These legitimate interests are:-


To arrange linkages between client and volunteer to satisfy a request from a client.  No personal data of a volunteer will be made known to a client unless the volunteer has consented to that.


To arrange for free parking at all hospitals.  (You will also supply personal data direct to a hospital.)  Hospitals are bound by the GDPR to use the supplied personal data only for the limited purpose of providing free parking.


To ensure that any special needs of a client are provided for.  For example being accompanied by a wheelchair.  Data that would tell us that you were unable to lift a wheelchair into your car is special category data, which we shall only use for this narrow purpose.


To notify any changes or for enquiries about your data please contact the charity’s Data Controller at datacontroller.oxshottcare.com.



Oxshott Care privacy statement for clients


Oxshott Care arranges transport to medical and other appointments.  We use the personal data you have given us to communicate with you and to follow any special requirements you have.  We make your personal data available to the volunteer who will be assisting you.  We safeguard your data, store it electronically and on paper, and use it only for the purposes indicated above.  We rely on you to tell Oxshott Care of any changes to your personal data.  Please use the Oxshott Care phone, 07950 478329, to make changes or for any queries about your data.